Big Red Calculator News - September 2009

Big Red on Facebook & Twitter

Big Red Calculator is now on facebook and twitter!  You can become a fan of our facebook page Big Red Calculator  and follow BigRedCalc on twitter:  Stay in touch with all the latest news.

Big Red Hits the Airwaves

Big Red Calculator made it's television debut during the last two weeks with features on national TV  Fox News - Fox and Friends:

and local TV stations like KYTX 19:

We hope you will continue to spread the word about the rising national debt and the Official Calculator of the National Debt.

Ready For a Little Word Search Challenge?

Try your hand a this word search challenge and see if you can beat the current record (5 minutes flat):  You can also find other things to do with the Big Red Calculator too!

Big Red Ready For Your Local Fundraising Event

Big Red Calculator is now available to small organizations and non-profits for raising funds, incenting your best financial donors or rewarding your best volunteers.  Go to our fundraiser support page: for ideas and details for your next fundraising project.

What's a Trillion?

You could spend $10 million a day and it would still take you 273 years to spend $1 trillion.  Want more "trillion trivia" go to our What's a trillion page:  

What Are Our Customers Saying

I heard about your product on Fox & Friends.  I immediately went on line and ordered a calculator for myself, the President, Vice President, my two US Senators, and US Representative.  I am very satisfied.  Not only is it a great political statement, but it is an outstanding calculator.

John - Buckhannon, WV