Big Red Calculator News - December 2009

The National Debt Now Over $12 Trillion!

The U.S. national debt is now over $12 trillion and the Congressional Budget Office is forecasting that the government will over-spend the annual budget by some $9 trillion over the next 10 years:

And now Congress is fixing to raise the national debt spending limit by $1.8 trillion before the government hits the $12.1 trillion limit currently imposed by law:

Will the reckless spending ever stop?   It’s time to make your voice heard by those who can do something about it!  So get involved and learn what you can do:

Fed To Give Us Advice On Using Credit?

If you think you’re hearing things the next time you are at your local movie theater, maybe it’s a pre-feature commercial of a “different kind”.  Looks like our government want to give us some free advice about how to use credit responsibly.  Can you believe this:

Hot Price on Big Red At Northern Tool & Equipment

Big Red Calculator to be featured in the December 20th newspaper circular and it will be selling for $9.99!  Just in time for those last minute shoppers.  For a store near you use their store locator:

More Trillion Trivia

If you wanted to haul a trillion dollars to say the bank, it would take more than 10,000 18-wheelers to hold it all.  That’s a lot of cash!  For more trillion trivia go to:

Big Red Latest Press Release

See Big Red’s Latest Press Release:

What Our Customers Are Saying

I'm from Western Colorado and read about your Big Red Calculator in the local newspaper.  After reading the article I knew I had to buy one for my Father.  He's a retired accountant and very interested in politics.  At 74 years old he "has it all" so buying a gift for him is challenging.  I got such a great deal on Amazon that I ended up buying one for myself!  Thanks!

PS...Dad loved it!"

Kammy Villalobos
Grand Junction, Colorado

“The BigRedCalculator Store provided excellent, rapid service. I appreciated the quality of their national debt calculator.”

Patricia Mattison
Lynnwood, Wahington

“This calculator is awesome. If you don't use decimals, you can calculate to 999 trillion. Thanks a trillion! Great value for the price, too.”

Jeffrey L. Tribby
Lakeland, Florida

Big Red Calculator in National Review and Parade Magazine

Big Red Seen In New Ads

During the month of November Big Red got a lot of press as featured in the National Review, November 23rd and in the Sunday Parade Magazine (Central South US) November 29th

Looking For Gifts For That Hard-To-Shop-For Person?

Need ideas for that last-minute Christmas gift that hard-to-shop-for person on your list? The perfect stocking stuffer:


Christmas for those in the service of their country

To Those We Owe an Incalculable Debt

Least we forget the real debt we owe to these, America's finest.  Remember them even as you enjoy the holidays, for they are far from home.


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