Big Red Calculator News - October 2009

Congress to Vote on Raising the US Debt Ceiling to $13 trillion!

Congress will debate and pass the raising of the US national debt ceiling to $13 trillion!  And the Senate likely will raise it even further.  Now calculate that!  See the story on Fox News:

Amy Oliver Anounces Big Red is the "Official Calculator for Mothers Against Debt"

Amy Oliver radio talk host for NewsTalk 1310 KFKA announced "LIVE" that Big Red Calculator is the official calculator for "Mothers Against Debt" (MAD).  Amy started the group to get other mothers to stand up for our children at the Sept. 12th rally in Denver (see video: ). 

On facebook?  Amy's MAD page: with soon to come detail of "How to Win a Big Red Calculator".

Big Red Continues On The Air

Big Red Calculator continues to get news coverage as seen on CNBC PowerLunch:

Ready For a Little Word Search Challenge?

Try your hand a this word search challenge and see if you can beat the current record (5 minutes flat):  You can also find other things to do with the Big Red Calculator too!

Calling All Tea Party Members - Looking For Ways to Help Raise Donations?

Big Red Calculator is now available to small organizations and non-profits for raising funds, incenting your best financial donors or rewarding your best volunteers.  Go to our fundraiser support page: for ideas and details for your next fundraising project.

Still Can't Visualize a Trillion?

It would take more than 10,000 18-wheelers to transport one trillion $1 bills.  Check out this video for more trivia:

And for those who missed Glenn Beck of Fox News describe a trillion,  see his video:

What Are Our Customers Saying

I love this calculator! It works like a desk calculator, so I can set the decimal places and even put it in add mode so it automatically adds two decimal places. It has markup and memory, too. You can set your tax rate and it will calculate the tax and add it to the total. I hope 16 decimal places is enough to show the future national debt, though.

Kay Brooks
Albuquerque,  NM 

Big Red Calculator Offers Way To Make Extra Cash With Affiliate Program

Now you can become an affiliate by selling Big Red Calculator and earn commisions.  A new page for potential affiliates has been launched with easy to follow instructions.  Big Red has teamed up with to make it simple.  If you have a blog, webpage or website, you can join now.  Just go to:

Big Red on Facebook & Twitter

Big Red Calculator is now on facebook and twitter!  You can become a fan of our facebook page Big Red Calculator  and follow BigRedCalc on twitter:  Stay in touch with all the latest news.

We hope you will continue to spread the word about the rising national debt and the Official Calculator of the National Debt.